“Yesterday I had the pleasure and delight of witnessing a concert given by Miram Thompson and Davidson the staff of White Hut Studios in Education to celebrate their music and creative work with the children of All Saints C.E. Primary School. I was impressed with; The enthusiasm and skills of Miriam in leading a whole school community assembly of nearly 300 children and staff in how music can inspire, and develop such personal skills of team work, and perseverance.

Introducing children to the vocabulary of music such as melody and harmony. Involving children by getting children to give answers through a strong teaching style that involved challenge and praise. The work that White Heart Studios had achieved in teaching a group of Year 5 children to write, compose and perform their own song in front of 300 children. The children had written a song using the school’s values and they performed it with confidence and enjoyment. It was lovely to see how the audience of staff, children and The Mayor of Croydon took pride in the group’s performance and celebrated their achievements.

How the staff of White Heart Studios lead the whole school in a “fun” singing of Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star. A strategy that could be used by the school’s staff in their own teaching. The invitation they gave to The Mayor of Croydon, raising the profile of the event. The Mayor was given the opportunity of explaining to the children her love of music, and clearly enjoyed the occasion. Above all a very special afternoon in the life of the school when the community of Mayor, staff, governors and children and their parents celebrated how music and children singing together , put smiles on all our faces.”

Arthur Williams- Chair of Governors

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