We deliver music workshops to children at primary, and secondary schools, as well as to adults and individual sessions.


Fun & inclusive workshops for all ages

White Hut Music in Education was started to inspire young people to write their thoughts, use their imagination and build songs, working as part of a team or as an individual.

We believe in society, and we believe in young people. We know that every individual is unique and has the ability to exemplify excellence, it is all within.


“Here at Purley Oaks we greatly valued the impact you had on the group of children you worked with last year. Not only were they privileged to learn the whole process of writing songs and recording them, they were able to develop other invaluable skills as well. They worked as a team, with children they wouldn’t normally have worked with; their confidence and self-esteem rose as a result of your enthusiasm and encouragement and they were able to develop performance skills by sharing their composition with the school community. You certainly inspired them and I hope they continue to develop their interest in composition and performance at Secondary -“

Ann Peters

Senior Assistant Head Teacher

Purley Oaks

“Miriam and Davidson from White Hut Studios are an asset to the Croydon Community. They are very good at engaging with student/children. Miriam nurturers strengths and encourages the Young people to do their best. The students are there legacy. They are very creative in their style and presentation, which is an asset their occupation. This was clearly shown in the children’s performance. It was to a very high standard and the children were a credit to White Hut Studios. It showed the commitment that had been put into the performance from White Hut Studios. Again, Miriam is an asset to her profession.”

Bernadette Khan

The Council elected Mayor

Mayor of Croydon for 2018-19