“We are Nelbro, a home for adolescents that cannot reside permanently with their parents/carers for various different reasons.  We have had a solid relationship with White Hut Studios for a number of years, and refer our young people to them knowing that they will make a positive contribution to their lives. Some of the individuals that we look after have faced trauma or hardship and often find it difficult to express the way they are feeling, and this can lead to outbursts of aggression, because of built up frustration. The way in which White Hut Studios handles our young people is very unique, with clear boundaries set from the offset, which ensures our children know what to expect from the start. The mentoring is a key aspect of the journey that our young people embark on with White Hut, because although our children have a flair for music and the industry within it, it would be very difficult for them to pursue their career with certain mindsets that have been built up along the way, often not fully realising why they feel this way.

What White Hut Studios gets out of our young people, is truly phenomenal, not only producing, mixing and mastering the songs with the very talented producers they have there, which I must add are second to none, but also to assist with appropriate lyrics, which help change negative thoughts and emotions into a new way of thinking. I know the staff at the studio also help with spelling, grammar and punctuation, this helps them to progress in later life.

I am pleased to confirm that to date we have had a 100% success rate in regard to no violent out breaks whilst our young people are at the studio, this is a break through for us as this is not always the case when our children are on excursions.
White Hut Studios is more than just about making music, they endeavour to ground young people, to help them make different decisions in the future and ultimately give them the possibility of a brighter tomorrow.”

Kevin Nel- Managing Director, Care & Support | Nelbrocare

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