“For children who are lacking in confidence, a way must be found to channel their hobbies into something positive and most importantly brings them happiness. It has been proven that this leads to better self-esteem in young people. The Music Project, led by Miriam Thompson and Davidson Lynch, presented 9 children from Good Shepherd Catholic Primary & nursery school with an amazing opportunity to achieve something their prior mind-sets would’ve deemed impossible. Miriam and Davidson’s passion for music was evident without question and along with their enthusiastic personalities; the children became and remained confident in their endeavour to make their own music song. Furthermore, they were able to face fear head-on and perform in the presence of all students and teachers in their school. As a member of staff who has watched over the children for many years, it brought absolute joy to see the positive change in them. I wish to take this opportunity to thank Miriam, Davidson and White Hut Studios for helping this group of children break barriers within themselves and look forward to working with them again in the future.”

Mr Oluwatobi Oke- Good Shepard Primary School, New Addington

Other Testimonials

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