Miriam and Davidson from White Hut Studios have been nothing short of fantastic. They have an infectious enthusiasm and zest for life that trickles through to anyone they meet. My Son has been working intensively with Miriam for almost 6 weeks and has made huge changes in the right direction. Miriam took the time to get to know him so she could communicate on his level. She built up the trust and friendship and then has been able to mentor him with astonishing results. He confides in her, listens to her advice and wisdom and is very happy to be spending time with her (this is not the norm for my Son who didn’t like or respond positively to another mentor that tried to work with him). Miriam treading softly at the early stages to build the rapport was essential. The work she has done has been life changing for our family. My Son was on a dark path and had made a lot of terrible choices. We were fortunate that he eventually decided he wanted something better for himself, we found a School that was prepared to give him his last chance at mainstream education. Miriam came along just at the right time. If anyone gets the chance to work with Miriam or Davidson I would jump at the opportunity. They are cool, fun, intelligent and very skilled at what they do. They get on a level with the kids so the kids see them as friends and definitely ‘on their team’. They are results driven so work out how is the best way to work with each person they come into contact with, not a one size fits all attitude, and it works. We feel so lucky to have had the opportunity to work with them and get to know them. They are literally a God send.
Every word meant – you have made so much difference to our family – we will be forever grateful. You know you now have to be Josh’s unofficial Godmother!!”

Rebecca Harvey- Parent Testimony

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