Educating, engaging and empowering young people through music in a safe and inclusive environment

We deliver music Workshops to children at primary, and secondary schools, as well as to adults and individual sessions. We offer these bespoke services to young offenders and youth services in addition to our generic sessions. Each workshop gives young people the opportunity to learn the process of song writing, recording vocals and music production from start to finish. Themed workshops allow children to explore and learn musical traditions from around the world, using appropriate tools and instruments.


White Hut Music in Education was started to inspire young people to write their thoughts, use their imagination and build songs, working as part of a team or as an individual. We know from experience that this will assist in the young people’s confidence and knowledge of music, whilst learning and having fun. We always make the workshops fun and inclusive, turning any classroom/ space into a studio environment. We use top end mentors to push children and young people as far as possible, challenging them at every turn to be the best they possibly can be.


We believe in society, and we believe in young people. We know that every individual is unique and has the ability to exemplify excellence, it is all within.
We look past gender, race ethnicity and past mistakes. We choose to focus on the future, we want to help create strong platforms that young people and families can stand on firmly. We look forward to a brighter tomorrow that will enhance this generation and the one to follow.